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During the development of  Sunho, we realized the world is changing faster than we can image. To achieve our Corporate Target , it is our responsibility to keep continuous progress in order to enhance our competition advantage. Our company Policy: to achieve success, we must work hard and keep our passion: “Let’s work together to drive the world” .
Our company pays more attention to inspire our employees’ capability, and clear target for investment. Our decision will be based on customer’s expectation to keep the same pace as growing market. Advanced technology, strong business competition and excellent staff dedication spirit are the key for our company success. This will ensure our Company’s World-wide superior Position.
During the development of our Company, our Goal does not only consider our existence and Profit and also focus on our business history to create our company culture. We encourage and treasure the staff’s participation spirit, trust and respect each other, which have been proved as the necessary conditions for any company to become strong and continual development.
Sunho will develop ourself to face more responsibility and success with company culture to become one world class company.


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